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All our therapist are qualified under a recognised professional body, have insurance, supervision and an enhanced DBS check.


Chartered (Academic) Psychologist

Dr Sandi Mann is a Chartered (Academic) Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. She also holds a Diploma in CBT and is an Accredited EMDR Practitioner (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprogramming).

She sees clients (adults and children) who want to learn to deal with phobias, panic attacks, anger issues, depression and stress. Sandi teaches you to re-train your mind so that you can overcome these conditions using cognitive behavioural techniques.

Contact Sandi:

07958 554 509



BACP Therapist

With more than 20 years of experience as a counsellor, Olivia specialises in family counselling, working with parents, young adults and family groups to support positive and healthy relationships.

She uses a systemic approach helping people think about their relationships and communication, culture and identity.  Special interests include teenagers, parenting, identity, illness, grief, relationships, self esteem, ADHD, families and couples.

Olivia is holds a  Relate Couples Counselling Certificate and has a Post-Graduate Diploma in Relationship Therapy (Systemic).

Contact Olivia:

07788 741 320



BACP Therapist

Shira is a person-centred counsellor and psychotherapist. Person-centred therapy gives you with a compassionate, non-judgmental, caring and safe space to talk. Shira has experience of working with are anxiety, stress, depression, identity issues and health issues including cancer, chronic illnesses and mental health conditions. 

She works with young people, adults and children (12 years and above) and offers telephone, online and face to face therapy.  Trained in mindfulness, Shira can use this in her sessions. This tool can be beneficial for those with chronic illness and pain and assist in developing resilience. 

Contact Shira:

07915 959612

Shira Baram.jpg


BACP Therapist

Daniel Nissen is a qualified psychotherapist with over 10 years experience giving therapy within the NHS and private sector. He has experience working with a bereavement service, gambling clinic, sexual assault clinic and eating disorder clinic. He is also a qualified supervisor and is the clinical lead for JAMH. 

He is a warm and empathic person who is passionate about therapy and the positive effects that it can have on people's life.

He works using a combination of psychodynamic and systemic theory. This is underpinned by a humanistic and person centred philosophy. 



Mob: 07886989596

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BACP Therapist

I have a PGDip in Systemic Practice with Families and Couples and an MSc in Counselling and Psychology. I specialise in bereavement counselling (particularly perinatal loss). I have also successfully worked with clients who are suffering from anxiety and /or depression using a range of therapy modalities to include CBT, Brief Therapy, Transactional Analysis, Narrative therapy or Person Centred Counselling as well as mindfulness and relaxation techniques.

Contact Esther:

07968 327 156

Esther calek.jpg


BACP Therapist

Rabbi Canter has more than 10 years experience with a range of mental health issues including: anxiety, depression, addictions, anger management and more. His main treatment modality is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and is accredited in Clinical Hypnosis. He has a particular speciality in helping teens in crisis.

Contact Yehudah:

07504 093 609

Yehudah canter.jpg


Chartered Clinical Psychologist

(Clin.Psy.D, CPsychol, AFBPsS)

Amanda qualified in 2007 as a Chartered Clinical Psychologist and is registered under the Health and Care Professions Council HCPC.  She has 18 years’ experience working in the NHS within a range of different mental health services and since May 2020 she has been developing her own private practice.  Amanda is qualified to deliver Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Compassion Focussed Therapy (CFT).



BACP (Accredited) and COSRT Therapist

Miriam has been a therapist since 1993. She has trained at Relate in Marital and Couple Counselling (Certificate), Psychosexual Therapy (Post Graduate Diploma), Systemic Family Conversion Course and Working with Young People (11 and up). Miriam has additional training through IAPT for Couples with Depression and Supervision Training (CPCAB), Trauma response and Critical Incident debriefing. She has an Honours Degree in Criminology/Sociology.

Contact Miriam:

07791 861 095

miriam rap.png


BACP (Accredited) Therapist

Melech Dovid is originally from the USA and started his psychotherapy studies in Israel and completed BACP accreditation while working for Aish Hatorah in Leeds.  He uses an integrative approach taking the best from humanistic, behavioural and cognitive models. Melech Dovid works with anxiety, mood disorders, trauma and addictions. He works with children age 15 and up, and adults.

Contact Melech Dovid:

07806 822 644

MD Kanter.jpeg


BACP Therapist

Aron is a qualified psychotherapist and offers a range of services for adults, adolescents and children, empowering them to navigate life’s challenges.


His modalities include both Person-Centred Therapy and CBT amongst others, yet his ultimate belief is that we already hold the solution to our struggles within us; we just need to reach inside.

Aron is known for his warm and compassionate persona and his unique ability to connect with and understand people.


Contact Aron:

07515 505 263

Aron Litwin.jpg


BACP Therapist

Chaim qualified in 2018 and his core training was in person-centred therapy as well as modalities including CBT (with Mindfulness), Motivational Interviewing and Solution Focused Therapy. Post-qualification he trained in other modalities such as experiential methods (Gestalt and Focusing).

Chaim specialises in anxiety-related issues such as Generalised Anxiety Disorder, OCD and panic. He also has experience in working with trauma, low self-esteem, depression, anger and relationship-issues (including parenting). He works with adults and young people (16+). 

Contact Chaim:

07772 094 974


Chaim B_edited.jpg


BACP Therapist

Deborah Saunders qualified as a therapist in 2013. She has developed a unique approach blending conventional counselling along with mindfulness and Innate Health. She also uses ‘The Journey’; a powerful method empowering people to heal their past and transform their future.

Deborah is passionate about empowering people in their lives. She has experienced first-hand and from the many clients she has helped, that when we tap into the power lying within us, this creates growth, positivity and success in all areas of our lives, be it our relationships, work situations or emotional well-being.

Contact Deborah:

07954 369 268

Deborah Saunders.png


BACP Therapist

Zehava is qualified in person-centred counselling. She is professionally trained to offer support in a safe and non-judgemental manner. She will help you to explore yourself on deeper levels enabling you to take new decisions or cope with your challenges.

Zehava specialises in anxiety, bereavement, abuse, low self-esteem and relationship issues. She works with adults. Face to face or zoom appointments are available.

Contact Zehava:

07974 024 286

Zehava Smith_edited.jpg


BACP Therapist

Suzanne works in a way that gives the client a space to explore their thoughts and feelings in a safe environment.  She uses Person Centred and Integrated therapy, combining other approaches to meet a client’s needs in an empathic non-judgemental way.

 Suzanne has experience of working with bereavement and loss, bereavement by suicide and sudden death; anxiety and depression; trauma; guilt and low self esteem, and also with clients who have special needs. She also counsel victims of historic sexual abuse.

Suzanne volunteers at a charity for members with special needs, facilitating a bereavement support group and at a bereavement charity.

Clients can be seen face-to-face, on Zoom or on the telephone.

Contact Suzanne:

07813 780 989

Suzanne Z.png


BACP (accredited) therapist

Harriet is an integrative therapist and works with a trauma informed focus.  She also combines this with a keen interest and passion in neuroscience. She helps clients understand the neuroscience of stress, anxiety and depression and the interconnection between mind, body and brain.  A person’s thoughts, feelings, sensations and beliefs around themselves all have an impact on the psychological and physical well-being of the person. 

Techniques she utilises in counselling include person-centred theory, CBT, psychodynamic theory, attachment styles, solution focussed therapy, EFT and ACT (acceptance and Commitment therapy).

Her approach allows for a tailored approach so she can concentrate on the practical steps that can help bring balance to your life.

Contact Harriet:

07815 294 670



BACP Therapist

Debbie is a wife and mother with over a decade of experience of one-to-one counselling with individuals who live or work around the world. She qualified in 2012.

She helps clients who are experiencing emotional difficulties in their lives or are simply looking for change. Debbie works in an integrative way, making sense of both early and current life experiences.

Contact Debbie

07888 680 249

Debbie Stern.jpg


BACP Therapist

Miriam is an experienced person-centred/integrative therapist and supervisor with a successful track record of offering empathic support to clients who are experiencing mental health issues and trauma.

Miriam is able to draw on a number of different methodologies to suit a particular client's situation. This provides a multi-faceted tailored approach including CBT, solution focused brief therapy, compassion focused therapy including humanistic, person centred techniques. 

A great deal of her experience includes counselling people who have experienced domestic abuse, sexual abuse and trauma, having managed a major counselling service and trained students on placement.

Additionally, her background in Organisational Psychology allows her to provide guidance for a range of workplace related issues.

Contact Miriam:

07967 149 535

Miriam Mintz.jpeg


BACP Therapist

Shevy is trained in Person Centred and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. She is also a designated safeguarding lead.

Shevy believe that the relationship between counsellor and client is key in allowing a person to safely explore their thoughts and feelings and supporting them in growth and positive change. Shevy works hard on building a safe, trusting relationship with her clients.

Currently she works in a school and specialises in working with teenagers. She also works with adults and young children.

Shevy enjoys being able to help her clients achieve their goal and giving them the tools they need to equip them for future success. 

Contact Shevy:

07882 048 420

Shevy Bless.jpeg


BACP (Accredited), BABCP (Accredited), EMDR UK

Rochel has a Dip5 in Counselling and Psychotherapy, a PG Dip (Post Graduate) in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and an Masters (MSc) in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. She is also a BPS (accredited) clinical supervisor. The Modalities she uses are EMDR, CBT, DBT, PCT and IFS. She works in the NHS, a number of GP surgeries and for JAMH. She also has a private practice.

Contact Rochel:

07904 444 249



BACP Therapist

Blimi is a person-centred therapist, working with adolescents (10+) and adults, covering trauma, bereavement, anxiety, self esteem, depression, relationships  and those impacted by autism. She also uses CBT tools during therapy sessions. Blimi has been practicing since 2011.

Contact Blimi:

0161 708 9849 or 07807158920



BACP Therapist

Esther is qualified in person-centred counselling and uses CBT skills too.

She has 30 years’ experience mentoring youth before she qualified as a counsellor. This has given her a greater understanding of the challenges young teens face in the current climate. Esther sees both children and adults and specialises in bereavement counselling and trauma. She is currently the Pastoral Lead and Behaviour Manager in a local Jewish high school.

Contact Esther:

07721 771 003



BACP Therapist

Ruchama uses DBT, CBT (ERP for OCD), ACT and artwork during therapy sessions, depending on the issues brought up.  She has experience working with OCD, anger issues, BPD, emotion dysregulation, school phobia, panic attacks and anxiety.

Ruchama’s area of special interest is working with clients with a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder, suicidal, self harming and/or dysregulated emotions. She works with children of all ages, and adults.

Contact Ruchama:

07912 349 822



BACP therapist

Nechama has a psychology degree, and a Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy. She is person centred trained, but uses an integrative approach taking skills from different modalities to create a bespoke tool box for her client’s needs. Nechama has done a number of courses in trauma training. She works in a number of schools and also have a private practice.

Contact Nechama:

0161 795 9139 or 07985 729 369 



BACP Therapist

Hindy is qualified in Person-Centred Counselling and uses CBT techniques during counselling sessions. She has been working in the community for 5 years, empowering people to take control of their struggles with anxiety, depression, bereavement and other issues. Hindy has a genuine desire to help people make sense of their lives.

Contact Hindy:




BACP Therapist

Elisheva is a warm and caring Educational Guidance Counsellor who supports female adults and teens. She works with female adults and teens who are experiencing complex family situations and have relationship difficulties. She guides them to develop a more positive self-image, greater resilience and to feel more equipped to face their challenges.

Elisheva has studied and worked with addictions, abuse, abusers, self-harm, grief and bereavement. She has experienced personal bereavement and can therefore relate to clients going through this.

Contact Elisheva:

07870 984 052

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