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JAMH offers all types of mental health training to a variety of places
such as organisations, schools or groups.
It can be tailored to meet your individual needs.


Training sessions can be given on Zoom or in person. 


"Jewish Action for Mental Health (JAMH) organised training specifically for the Jewish Representative Councils in June 2020. The training was thought essential given the many mental health challenges presented by the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. The session was delivered to 20 participants. It was both educational and informative and delivered to a very high standard. We are very grateful to JAMH for all their efforts."

~ Sara Radivan, Regional Manager, Board of Deputies


"The Focus Staff team were impressed by the quality and depth of the JAMH mental health training. They all felt that the training will help them in a practical way to support members with a variety of mental health issues."

~ Ivan Lewis, Chief Executive, The Focus Foundation

Image by Austin Distel
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